About: Rico Armstrong
Friday, July 1, 2011 About: Rico Armstrong

For more than 30 years sports, exercise and nutrition expert Rico Armstrong has worked nationally to reach out to athletes and professionals to help them be as physically strong as possible. Rico Armstrong was mentored by Mark Mastrov, founder of 24 hour fitness and John Greenberg, long time Potrero Hill Recreation Center director and organizer of Pro-Am summer basketball league.  Rico has been an assistant at Pete Newell’s NBA Big Man Camp for the past 15 years.   

Luke Whitehead: "Rico is one of the best trainers in the country. He got me into college ball and then to the pros."

Rico has been fortunate to own and operate several gyms in the Bay Area, Hawaii and Las Vegas in his career. He has trained with hundreds of exciting people. Currently at Bay Area Professionals, Rico’s impressive private gym located in Potrero Hill Armstrong Body Development offers the following fitness opportunities.

-Personalized Training & Nutrition
-Shape Up Classes for seniors, youth, adults of all levels, models & athletes
-D1:Training for high school athletes
-Massage Therapy, Rehab and Chiropractic Assessment
-Private gym available for classes, trainers, and events

Pete Newell and Rick Caryle at Big Man Camp

Rico trained with the following NBA personnel and hundreds of youth athletes and professionals to reach their full health, fitness and wellness potential.

NBA Coaches & NBA Players:

Pete Newell (Famed basketball coach and teaching legend)

Clifford Ray (Golden State Warriors) Jabari Smith (New Jersey Nets)

Jason Powell (Los Angeles Clippers) Antwan Jamison (Washington Wizards)

Rick Caryle (Indiana Pacers) Chris Anderson (New Orleans Hornets)

Mark Iavaroni (Phoenix Suns) Rodney White (Los Angeles Clippers)

Keith Jones (Houston Rockets) Shawn Marion (Phoenix Suns)

Kiki Vandweghe (Denver Nuggets) Malik Rose (San Antonio Spurs)

Jeff Bowers (New Orleans Hornets) Samuel Dalenbert (Philadelphia 76ers)

Tony Boroni (Memphis Grizzlies) Sagana Diop (Dallas Mavericks)

Rex Kalamian (Minnesota Timberwolves) Johnathan Binder (Indiana Pacers)

Tree Rollins (Atlanta Hawks) Tony Delk (Phoenix Suns)